Midnight snackage

Most nights I’m up pretty late. I’m just naturally a night owl. That means I usually come up with some weird combos of food to snack on as I work, little bits from the fridge and pantry. The other night, though, I realized there was a theme to what I chose:

midnight snack


On that plate is some pastrami, avocado (lightly salted), hard-boiled egg (also lightly salted), raw mushrooms sprinkled with Lawry’s season salt, and in the bowl are some of my grandma’s refrigerator pickles (pickled cucumber and onion; I’ll share the recipe in another post).

They say you can tell what your body really needs based on the foods you crave. For instance, when you crave red meat, you may need more iron. With salt, it usually means you need more water. Evidently I was thirsty that night.

What foods do you crave late at night? Do you give in?


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