Today has been a baking day

It’s not very often I have the house to myself, but today it got very close. With just my brother and me, it’s been a very productive but quiet day in the kitchen.

On the oven’s roster were blueberry scones/biscuits and carrot muffins. The scones, lovely and soft, came from a can. I have patience and counter space enough to have made them from scratch, but Immaculate Baking makes great ones that only require that I put them on a sheet. I also choose to dust a bit of sparkling sugar on their tops which not only sweetens them a little, but they also look great.


Now, for the carrot muffins, I had to do a little more work, but still not much. Back during my trip to Williams Sonoma I picked up a bag of quick carrot bread mix. Instead of making the usual loaf, I opted to pull out the muffin tins and load them up. The bag of mix says it will make 12 muffins, but I managed to get 16 slightly smaller ones out of the batter. Well, technically 17, but as a good cook I know I have to taste things to ensure quality. It had nothing to do with the fact that they smelled amazing or I have a thing for making even numbers of things.

Both baking endeavors were greatly successful and my kitchen is only slightly worn from it all. A good dish wash will set it all right.

What’s going on in your kitchens today?


One thought on “Today has been a baking day

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