The girl allergic to crab

Yesterday I posted about my first time at Red Lobster and promised to share an interesting tidbit about our waitress that she shared with us.

As is not uncommon at a seafood restaurant, a couple of our dinner party ordered crab. What we didn’t know, though, was that our waitress is allergic to crab. Like break out in hives and get really itchy allergic. We found out when she told us she was going to have to put on gloves to box up some of someone’s crab.

She told us it started about four or five years ago. She used to not be allergic, but when Red Lobster would have their Endless Crab promotion, she would eat a lot of crab, and after a while, she started reacting to it. What’s annoying for her is that it’s a progressive allergy, so each new exposure ups the reaction she has, which is why she has to wear gloves or wash her hands as soon after touching something as possible.

What I find fascinating about all of this is that she still works at the restaurant. From what I gathered, she’s been there for around ten years, but only been affected for about half her time there. I can’t imagine it’s been easy though, constantly being exposed to an allergen, and having to explain to your customers that you’ll have to put on gloves to handle their food. I don’t know if I could do it for as long as she has.

Originally I was going to title this post “Why food allergies suck.” I think you can understand why now. Really, my hat goes off to her for sticking it out and doing such a great job.


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