National Peking Duck Day

Maybe you remember on Christmas that I posted a picture of a book I got:


I didn’t really explain what the book is, so let me do that now. Eat the Year, by Steff Deschenes, is a national food day catalogue based on her blog of the same name. She ate the year through celebrating various national food days.

I didn’t want to get the book because I wanted to do the same (there are too many food holidays in here that are foods I can’t eat), but rather to stimulate blog writing. Well, as it tends to do, life has gotten in the way of that lately. But I’m here to recommit! I’m not going to post the holiday every day (that’s the point of buying the book, so I won’t take away from her efforts), but I plan on noting particularly interesting days to you. Like today.

Today is National Peking Duck Day. I chose this as my first post from the book because, well, the holidays up until now haven’t been too inspiring. On the third was National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, which I could have written for with a post about how much I hate chocolate covered cherries, but really, that pretty much covers. I hate chocolate covered cherries. On the tenth was National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, for which I could have written about how I’ve come to realize why it’s important to use bittersweet chocolate in chocolate chip cookies (you really do have to change the batter recipe if you’re using a different type of chip). But really this is the first interesting (for me as a writer) eating day from the book.

I have never had Peking Duck. I have never had duck period. I have no idea why that’s the case. Chinese is my favorite type of food (next to no dairy! and plenty of noodles! Win-Win!), but I’ve never bothered to try it. So I’m making it a goal for myself, the next time I have the opportunity to try duck, I will.

Have any of you had Peking Duck? Thoughts?


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