Food writing finds

I recently came across this listing of “20 Recipes Sam Sifton Thinks You Should Try in 2015” and thought I’d share it with you. There are a few other articles on food I’ve been reading lately. What’s especially interesting is the article about therapists encouraging cooking and baking as cures for depression. As someone who suffers from anxiety and very mild depression, I know first hand what a help being in the kitchen can be to my mood and mental state.  As the article says, “Psychologists call this type of therapy “behavioral activation,” and its popularity seems natural as it encourages goal-oriented activity, the WSJ reports.” Cooking becomes something to take your mind off stress. You have to focus on what you’re doing, which effectively crowds out negative thoughts. It also has the benefit of making you feel like you’ve accomplished something. I know I feel like I have more productive days when I’ve worked through a recipe or cooked something I enjoy. Hell, that’s how this blog started. I was bored and stressed out from not having a job, so I started cooking and crowding my friends’ Facebook feeds with pictures of all my creations until someone suggested I start a blog!

Thoughts on the therapy, or the other articles?



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