Dumpling platter

Lately, dumplings have been my thing. I love a good food pouch of deliciousness. Also, I’m crazy for good Asian food, as they collectively use very little dairy, so it’s mostly worry-free eating. The other night, looking for some kind of easy dinner to make, I remembered that we had several packages of various dumplings, so I made myself a little platter. On the bottom, the larger dumplings are Ling Ling chicken and vegetable, boiled and then lightly fried in the accompanying sauce; the middle row are:


And while, yes, they are not strictly dumplings, who cares? They are amazing. The wrapping is really good, and the cilantro isn’t overpowering. The top row are:


They weren’t my favorite, but they did the job. I won’t be getting them for myself, but my parents both liked them.

All in all, it was a pretty great dinner. It made me miss the dim sum place I visited with a travel writing course, the women coming up to the table with plates of all the different offerings. That day, the broccoli with oyster sauce was my favorite. I may just have to trek into Portland and find it again!


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