I heart scones

So I’ve posted before about when I’ve made scones by Immaculate Baking. But now I’ve made a new flavor and I had to share with you all.


These are the bomb. I think I still like the blueberry best, but these give those a run for their money. The orange isn’t overwhelming and the cranberry is just the right amount of sweet. I sprinkled the tops of them with a little decorative baking sugar (the kind I used on my Christmas cookies) before baking, which provides a nice crunch to the top.

IMG_4781 IMG_4783

Yum! I also learned something about my usual baking pan. I bought this gold pan at Williams Sonoma a few years back. Like the product page says, I thought it was nonstick. In the case of baking the scones, not so much. I had to pry them off the sheet with a spatula, and little bits of them stuck to the pan. That is not nonstick. In future I’m going to have to remember to spray the pan down with Pam. Otherwise, it’s a really nice pan. I have the smaller half sheet size and the cookie sheet in the same goldtouch line. They’re both great, the cookie sheet especially. I’ve never had cookies come out better than on that pan.


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