Pro tip about my iced tea recipe

I shared my recipe for Starbucks-esque Passion Iced Tea a while back. I’ve been making a lot of it lately and I learned something interesting about the delicate balance of the construction of the drink. I mix brewed Tazo Passion tea with ice, sugar, and berry Propel. My usual method is to, once the tea is steeped 2-3 minutes, add the sugar and Propel to the ice, then pour the tea over it. I noticed, though, that there seemed to be some settling at the bottom. It didn’t taste bad, but I wondered if there was a better way to incorporate the sugar and powder so that there would be less settling at the bottom of the pitcher.

What I found, instead, was one way not to do it. This last time I made the iced tea, I added the Propel powder and the sugar to the hot tea, stirred, then poured over the ice. Voila! No settling powder. I thought I was genius. Until I tasted it.

It doesn’t taste bad, per say, but it doesn’t taste as good. I think it was heating the powder with the tea that changed the flavor. Next time I make up a pitcher, I’m going to try added just the sugar to the hot tea and see how it goes. Otherwise, I may just have to settle.


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