Who’s Rebecca?

Writer by day, amateur cook by, well,  anytime I’m hungry. Speaking of which, I’m going to go grab a snack while I figure out what to write in the rest of this. Hold on!

Alright, I’m back. I still don’t know what to put here, other than I love food, I love making food, and I really like love sharing food with people. Unfortunately for you, science has not yet perfected the Wonkavision screen yet, so we’re both going to have to live with the fact that the only way for me to share my food with you is through pictures and the stories of its creation.

I’ll also probably jump on here to just write random musing about food, or share factoids I find on the interwebs. Perhaps you can tell already, but I’m not anywhere near a professionally trained chef. I screw things up in the kitchen rather frequently, but with great flair, so maybe you’ll find those stories funny, or at least educational. I have been cooking for many years, and a lot of the time, what I cook doesn’t come from a book, a website, or a cooking show. Like my writing though, the food I make is heavily inspired by others, but with a Rebecca twist. Also, I’m dairy free for all you recipe hunters. I’ll occasionally share recipes, written the best I can (which may be interesting because I rarely measure things–especially seasoning–unless I’m baking or following someone else’s instructions), but really, my main point with this blog is to just write about the occasionally magical and nearly always delicious things that happen in my kitchen.


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