Whoops: An Update

The can was wonky, it wasn’t easy to open, but everything was fine. The tea thawed after a few hours and I ended up having to drink it out of a glass because the tab was pushed in at a weird angle.

I know you all stayed up late to find out what happened, so go to bed. Thanks for being there for me. 😉



IMG_4410.JPG IMG_4409.JPG

As you can see, this can is not normal. No, in fact, it is frozen. It was never meant to be frozen. I just wanted it colder quicker.
Last night, I took it from the cupboard, and intending to drink it soon, stuck it in the freezer to chill. Then I did a bad thing: I completely forgot about it. In fact, it’s not sitting in the sink now because I remembered it. I just happened to notice it when I pulled something else out of the freezer.
Well, we’ll be seeing how this turns out in a few hours.