The creamy taste test

I am on a quest to find the perfect hazelnut latte recipe to make at home. Like many, I really like a good latte from Starbucks, but it’s just too expensive to enjoy regularly. So I developed my own taste test to try out what seems to be the most important variable in the latte: the creamer/milk.


My three contenders: Silk original creamer, So Delicious original coconut milk creamer, Silk soy milk

I brewed myself a mug of decaf coffee (can’t do caffeine, unfortunately), and poured a bit into three glasses. In turn, I added each creamer to their respective glass.


When I started making coffee at home in the fall, I began using the So Delicious hazelnut. But when I order my latte from Starbucks, it’s made with soy milk (I don’t know which brand they use). I was prepared for anything to work. What surprised me was that neither of those won the taste test. The Silk original creamer came out on top with the best flavor and mouth feel. It’s smooth and lends itself well to adding in spices and other flavors. Overall, best of the three. Now it’s on to perfecting the rest of the recipe. I bought some Sugar in the Raw, a hazelnut syrup, and a new brew of hazelnut coffee. I will report back!


So I’ve tried dragon fruit

dragon fruit

My grandmother bought a dragon fruit a few days ago, and last night we finally cut it open. Now, if you’re like me, you tend to think of the inside of dragon fruit as pink. Evidently, this is not the case. It’s actually rare to get a pink fleshed dragon fruit (according to what my grandmother read). Still, this white flesh looks pretty exotic and with all of the flavored drinks and things that brag in usually big bright lettering that there’s dragon fruit inside, my expectations were kind of high.

Have you ever eaten dragon fruit? It’s like eating nothing. It tasted like nothing. It was cold and wet, and had a texture like a kiwi and a pear had a love child, but there was nothing to really taste. My grandmother thought so too and tried a slice with a little Splenda and thought it improved the flavor greatly. I did the same, and all I tasted was Splenda. Now, I like Splenda, and it’s a fairly mild sweet flavor, so don’t take that to mean that tasting the Splenda was bad. But considering how mild a flavor it has, the fact that all I could taste was it should speak volumes. It didn’t enhance the flavor of the fruit because there was nothing to enhance.

If you get the chance, try it and see what you think. I’m not by any means advocating you buying one yourself. It’s way too pricey to be disappointed by. But maybe you and a few curious friends band together and try it. If you like it, more power to you. But if you don’t, then you won’t be putting your money down the garbage disposal alone.

Happy eating!