I heart scones

So I’ve posted before about when I’ve made scones by Immaculate Baking. But now I’ve made a new flavor and I had to share with you all.


These are the bomb. I think I still like the blueberry best, but these give those a run for their money. The orange isn’t overwhelming and the cranberry is just the right amount of sweet. I sprinkled the tops of them with a little decorative baking sugar (the kind I used on my Christmas cookies) before baking, which provides a nice crunch to the top.

IMG_4781 IMG_4783

Yum! I also learned something about my usual baking pan. I bought this gold pan at Williams Sonoma a few years back. Like the product page says, I thought it was nonstick. In the case of baking the scones, not so much. I had to pry them off the sheet with a spatula, and little bits of them stuck to the pan. That is not nonstick. In future I’m going to have to remember to spray the pan down with Pam. Otherwise, it’s a really nice pan. I have the smaller half sheet size and the cookie sheet in the same goldtouch line. They’re both great, the cookie sheet especially. I’ve never had cookies come out better than on that pan.


Today has been a baking day

It’s not very often I have the house to myself, but today it got very close. With just my brother and me, it’s been a very productive but quiet day in the kitchen.

On the oven’s roster were blueberry scones/biscuits and carrot muffins. The scones, lovely and soft, came from a can. I have patience and counter space enough to have made them from scratch, but Immaculate Baking makes great ones that only require that I put them on a sheet. I also choose to dust a bit of sparkling sugar on their tops which not only sweetens them a little, but they also look great.


Now, for the carrot muffins, I had to do a little more work, but still not much. Back during my trip to Williams Sonoma I picked up a bag of quick carrot bread mix. Instead of making the usual loaf, I opted to pull out the muffin tins and load them up. The bag of mix says it will make 12 muffins, but I managed to get 16 slightly smaller ones out of the batter. Well, technically 17, but as a good cook I know I have to taste things to ensure quality. It had nothing to do with the fact that they smelled amazing or I have a thing for making even numbers of things.

Both baking endeavors were greatly successful and my kitchen is only slightly worn from it all. A good dish wash will set it all right.

What’s going on in your kitchens today?